Why do we need to look into our life in Tyler Durden way!!!

We cry over the things we lost. We start blaming life for our sufferings and we asks questions like “why me”?? Recently I was on a trek to Chanderkhani pass ( Himalayan range in between Kullu and Manali ) and I met the people who live in those mountains. People who haven’t heard the name ‘Delhi’ the capital of India.. People who haven’t seen life outside those mountains and people whose entire life has been restricted in between Kullu and Manali.

Some kids walk for two hours daily to go to their school and some kids walk for entire day with their sheep heard to feed them. And When I say ‘walk’ I mean climbing and descending in those mountains. When we lose one of our precious things we cry and we get depressed but what about those Whose childhood was taken away by poverty. Childhood – which is the most precious gift of life.IMG_20160519_163829I met these three kids Anil, Jibo and Mena. Running, playing, laughing with their sheep herds to feed them.

IMG_20160519_163858_HDR_1465011588855While I was sharing my food with them the entire time I was thinking “is our condition worst than them”?? No. Then why we can’t live happily with what we have.


Why do we run after this materialistic world so much that we forget to live. Were they hungry?? I didn’t know.. Were they tired?? I didn’t know.. But one thing I certainly knew that they know how to live.. How to laugh.. And how to get lost again in those mountains..

PSX_20160602_180457.jpgThen I met this old man With a cigarette in one hand and smoke coming from his mouth continuously . He was in his mid fifty. Grey hair..wrinkled skin. With him there were two other old men who were supposed to be his fellow Shepherds. When I asked them about the world outside the mountains and if ever they tried to know about the outside world, the answer I got still echos in my mind. They replied with a smile,

“hum pahad pe rehne wale hai Saab.. Asman ka umeed kyun karen?? Jahan hai aur Jismein hain bahat khus hain.”
“we live in the Mountains boss. Why expect for the sky?? We are happy where we are and in which way we are.”

There was innocence in their smiles and honesty in their words. I still ask myself if we are in better conditions than them then why can’t we live happily and the answer is simple.. We think so much about the society and other people that we forget to live. All I wanted was to be free like them.. To live like them and to laugh like them..

  • Nikita

    Akash, you have created miracles through your idea and thoughts. Run and catch the best. Your work has spoken a lot and I am awaiting for more. I am a true admirer of your work. Long way to go. All the best! Keep clicking !!

    • Iamdinesh17

      Well ur words are always a source of inspiration for me bhauja… Thank you so much.

  • Shilpa


  • Munna Dada

    Akash, really I M proud of you. The way you are going on and the posture of your photography is really take you a height of AKASH.
    Your paintings should be posted here. All photos you posted till now and your fealings towards these, are really heart touching.

    • Iamdinesh17

      thank you dada..you are always encouraging

  • Tushar

    Absolute serenity and a completely different aspect of viewing life itself. This compels me to introspect about my life, what it is and what it could be. Hats off to your curiosity and “zindadili”.

    • Iamdinesh17

      Thank you so much Tushar bhai. Ur words means a lot to me

  • Sai Sandeep

    This is the way a human should explore the world and keep learning and he should move on. Your way of looking through the prism of life is something everyone has to acknowledge and implement in their lifestyle too.

    • Iamdinesh17

      Ur words means a lot Sai bhai.. Thank you. The day we stop learning will be the day we push ourselves into a stagnant world.