Forms of peace!!!

In our busy life often we become so much suffocated that we start searching for a heal. Some people find that in a cigarette in hand and smoke leaving from their mouth. Another find it in a Lonely place with a radio singing to the tunes of old melodies . They say “Aaj Kal ke ganon mein wo sukoon kaha hai”? To which our generation’s answer is Arijit Singh. And like everything has an end, these two things also have an end. When the smoke squeezes the water out of lungs , solitude rips the mind apart .

Peace is all within ourselves
                Peace is all within ourselves

But there are some things. Things we have left behind years back , coming a long way up the road of achievement or things we unable to notice in our busy lives, which not only bring peace to our mind but bring a smile, a feeling that you can’t describe to anyone else, a feeling that is to be felt only. No matter how many quotes, song lyrics or how much we write our heart out, sometimes words fall short to describe how we feel. We can’t describe a smile from someone’s heart in words. We can’t describe love in words. We can’t describe happiness in words. And we shouldn’t search for words to describe it.

The paper boat :

We all have made some kind of abstract structures with paper in our childhood. I remember we used to make paper boats while it was raining. Some boats get damaged with the flow of water and some just continue to flow with the stream. It was not only a childhood thing. Even if at this time we would look back at those moments, definitely it will bring a peaceful smile in our face. But with childhood gone, gone are those friends and gone are those paper boats.

Peace is not found in a calmer storm,  it's found in a better boat
Peace is not found in a calmer storm, it’s found in a better boat

But one night while walking on the highway with college bag in my back, from nowhere this paper boat thing came into my mind and I started tearing some paper from a notebook and made this boat. It was not raining but I wanted to make it. I just made it and stood there while pointing that boat towards the street lights. headlights of the passing vehicles were getting reflected in my eyes and so does my beautiful childhood. My peaceful childhood. For some people it might look absurd but trust me you will never Find a more peaceful thing than doing your childhood thing and that is too without any reason.


They say nature has a voice for those who listen. A voice when it echoes, dinner under moonlight feels beautiful than a candle light dinner. A voice so thrilling that is never heard in Spring from the cuckoo bird, breaking the silence of distant seas. It was Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end. But there is always a beauty to be found in darkness. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars. Like sunrise and sunset, I found the moon rising from the ranges of mountains standing tall in front of me and getting lost in those tall and dense forests behind me.

There is something beautiful to be found in the darkness  -twilight
There is something beautiful to be found in the darkness    – twilight

I tried to capture that night in a camera but if a lens could show you the most beautiful thing in the world then what are the eyes for??? While rest of the world was sleeping, Horses were still looking for grasses under those soft and cold moonlight getting reflected from the snows of distant mountains. For one moment the mountains were like a dazzling diamond necklace and minutes passed in front of me was, complete dark- a new moon Night because of the shadows of those tall and dense forests. And while watching those shades of mountains, I just caught up in between the sky, the moon and the rock trying to seize that moment forever.

The rise:

And like after every dawn there is a rise, so does after the moon, there is the sun. It was morning again. A time to start fresh, A time to forget the past and a time to get some energy for the entire day. And what’s better than doing yoga in such a calm, serene place full of fresh and pure air.


Fresh air and sunshine.. Get lost in these mountains and you will find yourselves
Fresh air and sunshine.. Get lost in these mountains and you will find yourselves

When I stood on that rock from which I could see the entire Valley beneath the mountains and the hilly paths by climbing which I had come there. And the pain of climbing from the last day, it was all gone. Was it a magic? No. It was that moment, that place and that peace of mind healed everything.


  • Gitu

    Good job..

    peace is a state of mind. We can find it around us. Don’t look around, observe it.

  • Gitu

    Wooow. …nicely described …

    Peace is a state of mind. We can find it around us .Don’t look around , observe it.

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    Your narration towards peace has the tendency to sketch a real figure of all description.grt work …?

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    I think I’m discovering the little Robert Frost over here..great work ..?

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    Excellent. I like the way you have done analogies of simple facts of life with your experience.

    Life is truly filled with nature, air and these small nuances like twilight that we often forget to enjoy amidst our busy work schedules. It is important that we take a step back and enjoy to live it.

    • Iamdinesh17

      Thank you bhai. Apriciate ur words. It means a lot