The fault Is not in her body, it’s in your mind

There are some people in your life whom you don’t know by names but just by a simple ‘hello’ or a smile. I find her everyday when the sky grows darker, walking down the street with earphones plugged in. may be the loneliness of the busy streets was a kind of morphine to her gloomy life inside her home or she was just enjoying the smiles of those hidden stars in the sky like me. But she didn’t know that the sky is not beautiful always. Clouds hide those stars sometimes. Suddenly a stranger from nowhere in that deserted street tried to enter in between her and her sky. He tried to scatter her life and She just kept screaming. But the rain outside of that car didn’t let her voice to come outside.
IMG_20160616_062347It was all silent outside after the rain and so was inside with a body cold and numb facing the night sky which was just empty like a blank canvass.
You say stealing is a crime. When someone steals your gold necklace, you call him a thief and beat him publicly. And it is you people who have labeled women body as a precious ornament. But when a rape happens somewhere, it is you people only who start debating about her body, dresses, lifestyle etc. For you stealing a necklace is crime but destroying a more precious life is not. Because it’s her body’s fault.
What Is the definition of ‘good’? Who decides that something is good or bad. In our society since childhood our elders have labeled nudity, sex etc. as bad things. Taking about’sex’ is still considered as a taboo in our society. I am bad because I sketch nude paintings.

Art never offends any model.
Art never offends any model.
What an irony! At the age when our elders used to impose their perspectives of good and bad, right and wrong into our minds, below that age fifteen percent of Indian girls are victims of some kind of domestic sexual harassment. We have been taught from the beginning that “respect the elders. Listen to them.” but I always ask myself whom i should listen? The people who still think it’s her body’s fault or the people who say my imagination is bad because I sketch nude models!!!