What inspires you???

‌What inspires you? A lot of things can be your sources of inspiration. Some people get motivations by reading success stories of the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs while others get it from their own, Which we call self motivation. But there are a third kinds of people, People like me for whom this life is a continuous source of inspiration. I have not seen Bill Gates working or Steve Jobs working but seeing these two men in the very morning taught me something.
Screenshot_2016-06-19-20-43-38_com.instagram.android_1466484936072 Look at them. Working for 12 hours a day and that also in this forty degree Celsius. They are happy or unhappy I don’t know but when I asked them how they feel about it, they said “we are able to feed our family at the end of the day.” It reminded me just how lucky we are to be alive. Neither They are going to change this world nor they are going to bring any kind of revolution but this five minutes of conversation with them was enough to push me back into my work although I was tired from the late night staying at workshop.
If you think he is begging in the streets then you are wrong. He has lost both of his legs in a tragic accident but He is a fighter. After life knocked him down, he again woke up. Not able to walk but he had enough inside him to punch back hard. He started selling fruits while sitting on that wheel chair. For the last forty years of his life he has been in this wheel chair and not even a single day passed when he has forgotten to smile. ‌
once upon a time There were two kids. Living in same town. Playing in the same field. Both used to love balloons. In fact you would find both of them roaming around the field with a bunch of balloons in their hands, smiling and roaring to fly. For both of them balloons were life. But the only difference was one was living his life by playing with those balloons and the other was ‘by selling all of them’. For my curiosity when I asked him whether he sells these for the entire day, he told me that he goes to school. And after coming he just helps his mother by earning a little from those balloons. He walked away after telling those and I just stood there thinking about if I could change their lives!!! Balloons were smiling but not the child who was selling those.

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