Paradise : East and West sitting in front of this vast endless eastern sea, I always think what’s beyond??
Beyond the horizon..
Beyond those floating clouds..
Beyond those distant mountains..
Am I missing some places more beautiful, more heavenly than the ones which surround me??
But then I saw a stranger in the west, sitting at the opposite end of the sea but wondering the same.
Screenshot_2016-08-16-22-15-15_com.miui.gallery_1471366134498A fellow traveller. A fellow photographer who also finds his soul in the midst of the mountains, oceans and nature. I was searching for places more beautiful than those in the East and he was searching places more beautiful than those in the West.. What an irony!!!
Look at the photos.. Do you find any difference?? Is there a difference between us? Does any culture or religion has monopoly on paradise? It’s what we all strive for and we find it in different places.
Screenshot_2016-08-16-22-15-42_com.miui.gallery_1471366098666 nature has created us and we will return to her in the end. Between beginning and end we share a common story. Two travelers who have never met. From opposite sides of the sea.

A collaboration with a fellow traveler and photographer. You can check his website and Instagram for more of his works. Below is the link…

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