Khadakwasla Dam : A Weekend Gateway

We are just a slight self motivation, a small push, or a bold decision away from living our ‘after job’ life in a different way…
In a more adventurous way..
In a more meaningful way..
well we all planned for a Sunday trek to ‘Lohagad’ fort. But like every other plan, this one also got cancelled in the very last minute. Next morning, I woke up and got busy in same weekly activities.. Facebook, WhatsApp, surfing the net…. Time passed by and after about one hour, it struck me. Why should the fact that some people bailed on me, stop me from doing what I love the most? They might spend the whole day doing nothing rather than sleeping and chilling, but why should I do that?
So i just searched for some places on internet that might have some scenic natural beauty to offer, and picked the most beautiful place nearby KHADAKWASLA DAM.
cropped-PSX_20160821_204626.jpgIt was just three hours from my place.
I packed my bag, tied my shoe lace and left.
Off to an unknown place.
On an unplanned journey.
However, while i was hoping for exciting adventures and travel stories to cherish, reality slapped me right on my face. Of course, travelling into an unknown place had its price. It went off with a bad start. I couldn’t get any public transport and it took around half an hour to find one, and even then, I had to change four cabs to reach the dam. The thought of going back started playing with my mind. But believe me friends, when in doubt just listen to your heart and do what you really want to.
The western ghats started welcoming with the monsoon and along with it, the feeling of joy.
PSX_20160814_131546There was no known faces around me on my journey. But sometimes happiness is found among an unknown crowd at an unknown place, where you could discover yourself. The pleasant melodies of Marathi songs and the view of hills from the highway completely changed my mood.
Somewhere on the highway I stopped and took another cab to the dam, another 10 km from there. After fifteen minutes of it, I started getting the glimpse of the river stretching along the horizon. I didn’t know whether the dam was nearby or not. I left the cab and started walking, following the patches of water which were partially visible.

just let go and fall like a little waterfall !!!
just let go and fall like a little waterfall !!!
That’s the best part about traveling. When you don’t know the destination, you start interacting with the local people and they are the best guide you can ever find. And like they day, the best things come free of charge.
After walking for half an hour in the bank of that river, I finally reached my destination. And the only thing on my mind after reached there was
“The three hours of travel and the pain, it was All worth it”.
i caught myself standing on the bridge, watching the water flows...running wild and free !!!
i caught myself standing on the bridge, watching the water flows…running wild and free !!!
How to go???
you have to take the Katraj-Dehu road which is NH 48. Khadakwasla dam is just 10 km away from Vadgaon Vudruk. you have to take the turn towards Nanded city and keep going straight for fifteen minutes.
what’s best to do there???
The only thing and the best thing to do there is sit, eat and watch. there are a lot of street food hubs available on the bank of that River.
PSX_20160821_205147 1

A solo trip is not bad after all. it might sound boring for some people but its a lifeline for people like me who are craving for a getaway from the daily routine life, to discover the discover own self..

edit by : Rwitika Ghosh
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