Art: the silver lining of my disasters

It’s good to love some things and becoming addict to them. Because there lies the true strength. Ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: should I do this??? Dig into yourself for a deep answer. If the sound echoed from inside is ‘yes’, then make that thing run in your blood.
Maybe I know certain things. Things which remain with you after everybody leaves you. Things which keep driving you to lead a meaningful life. For me, that thing is ‘art’ : the silver lining of my disasters.
It always reminds me that there is something beautiful in this materialistic world. I’m no artist and I don’t want to be the best in this. I am just an addict. An obsessed person. It’s a drug to me. Neither I can leave it nor I can live without it.

Don't just look at a piece of art. try to feel it

Don’t just look at a piece of art. try to feel it


Art is above all your ego. and its incomplete without naked beauty

When I look at a woman, I wonder a beautiful piece of art. it’s not the physical body but it’s what lies within that attracts me. because look is deceptive. it only brings out the lust within you. not love.
If Art has many forms. So does a woman has? She is there with you as a sister to share all her secrets. She is there with you as a mother to take care of you even after you grown up. She is there with you as a friend to support you.
img_20160821_003453She is there with you as a wife to hold your hand throughout your life journey. But how you differentiate the love for all these persons??
when I was a child i thought me and my sister is going to live in the same room together, throughout our life.
psx_20160914_215709but now I couldn’t believe that I won’t be able to see her for years. the surname of her gonna be changed and then bam!! Everything changed. There will be new people in her life. New dreams. While trying to make them happy she won’t have time to remember all those happy moments we have cherished together. Even if she try to remember, I won’t be there with her. Gone will be the days when she was the first person with whom I used to share everything. Those long night talks when we used to meet on holidays. why marriage is so important for a girl in our society?? why not she is allowed to live alone if she wants to??

  • Samveet Sahoo

    Marriage is not. A relationship is important. The partnership is important. And then there are rules. Rules make you more animal and humane. Even animals, for that matter, have their rules. It is key to evolution and sustainability in life. If a person feels more compassionate and contented living alone, then be it. I hope I could do justice to your question.

  • Rajashree Sahoo

    Kuddos Dinesh!!…for your truely wonderful work of art ..they are really superb and the best part is the way u always sketch down ur emotions and justify your feeling s on a piece of paper…it’s always a pleasure to read…?…Keep the good work going !! Cheers??

    • Iamdinesh17

      Thank you very much… Your words are always a source of motivation for me.. And I am waiting to see your next models