13 Hills, 15 kilometers and one night : Welcome to the most thrilling K2S trek

13 Hills,15 kilometers,and one night : Welcome to one of the most thrilling and adventures trek.
To reach the top of Sinhagad Fort, you can go directly by a bike or car. But someone has said it right that, if you can reach a height very easily then that’s not worth climbing. There is no challenge. And where there is no challenge, there is no life.

By road its 33 km. And by hills its 15 km
so to make the journey more exciting and more thrilling, we chose the other way. The way in which you have to cross 13 Hills of 15 kilometers stretch. And what could be more adventures than doing this at night!!!!
So let’s begin this Katraj to Sinhagad trek which is popularly known as K2S trek among the regular trekkers.
Difficulty level : high
Time taken to complete : 6-7 hours
Endurance: high
Must carry :
1)2-3 litres of water as you won’t get water in the route and some instant energy bars. 2)Shoes which have good grips.
3)torch light with extra batteries as backup
Best time to trek : night is the best time. Avoid a rainy day because the road will be more slippery in rainy day.
How to reach : from swargate catch any bus towards Kondhanpur and drop down at the end of Katraj old tunnel. Or you can book any vehicles from swargate to Katraj tunnel.
Just on the left of the tunnel, you will find a cement bench and from there you have to start your trek. You will easily find the trails. So just follow the trails.

The first view of pune city you will get at the beginning of the trek
On a moonlight night, the path is clearly visible. So there is no chance of getting lost.
The trails
After crossing the first hill you can see the highway closely and that scene is perfect for long exposure photography.
Take a DSLR with you and it will be worth capturing
Keep walking because there is a long way to travel. Long way of up and down. So it’s better to be in a group. So that people can back you up, if anything happens.

We were nine people in the group so it was less tiring and boring. You will find a couple of other groups also treking in that route. So its not dangerous though you trek at night.
A touch is must for the night trekkers

If you are a photography enthusiasts then take a DSLR with you. You will get plenty of good moonlight photographs.

Towards the last part of your trek, you will find two hills of 60 degree and 80 degree stiff respectively. You can cross that in an another route but in that you have to walk extra 3 km in traverse. And there might be a chance of getting lost. So don’t go for shortcuts.
The tower at the top of Sinhagad fort
This is the tower, that will be visible in the last part of your trek. You can follow the trails directing this.
The top most tower
So at last you will find the highway from where the top is 3 km. You can either walk or can take a Jeep from there. It will take 40 rupees per person. And while returning also you can take the vehicles available on the top. There are plenty of vehicles available on the top. Also plenty of food joints.

So that’s the end of this marathon trek. You can find it more thrilling when you pack your bag and leave for this trek.