There was a silent night beneath the skin!!!

She never owned that color. Never thought it would shed her in. Her glowing eyes and scarlet lips. He never knew the love, he cannot see. The green of envy deep like leaves, running slowly like a Dazzling sin. She had him like an amphetamine – only she could feel. Alas!!
He never knew the love. He cannot see..

Let me tonight feel all the strength you have. This ephimeral’s ecstacy Slowly you preserve.

In the darkest of my sleep, I shiver with a chill. Innounce trapped in event horizon forever loses to flit. Thousands, millions, countless all around. Statistics chokes upon calculating those numbers. Abused, beaten, thrashed and destroyed children of future collapses to live every dream. Black holes they become carrying naked singularity. Point of return is an ever impossibility. Hypnic Jerk wake us up. humans are alive to hold future hands.

And the struggle started when she was loosing herself from the wambling of a storm. Silently yet vehemently.
A vagabond and an elusive mind couldn’t even dare an inevitable truth.. The undeniable energy was in his strong soul. And a heart never known an impound fell for an invincible spell. Sinking into the metaphor of desire. A rebel soul loses, starving and raving for and against the warning of love..

There was a silent night beneath a skin. Flowing deeply a gentle breeze.. Painted with light kiss.. And graduating fire. Holding one another in a crimson dream. Unfolding each corner of an ephermal’s ecstacy. Melting spirits. Tossing and twinning., hesitating and attracting – beautifully.

Still silently fighting the demon inside me,choking every breath of myself,freezing me, collapsing my transient only to get over for my angel I seek.

Words by: Deepanwita Mukherjee
Without whom it would not have been completed. You can follow her blog
To find more of her works.