Stand there alone – Trek to Rajmachi fort

For the people of Mumbai and Pune, if you are planning for a one-day weekend trip but unable to decide where to go, then don’t worry. I have got one of the best bike ride/trekking/camping whatever u can say for u. To the photography addicts, trust me you can’t get a better Facebook profile pic of yours than standing there alone, on those broken walls of Rajmachi Fort.

Difficulty level: Easy
Height: 2700 feet
Time for trekking: one hour

How to go: from Pune you have to head towards Lonavala on the old Mumbai-Pune highway. Before Khandala ghat, you will find u-turn to your right which heads towards Della resorts.

you can find “Rajmachi 18km” written there in Marathi. Just follow that road. That will leads you to Rajmachi.

Important: the road is in very bad condition, so it will take one hour to cover that 18 km. four wheeler can go. There is no issue
Best time to go:
To enjoy the natural scenery: Monsoon
For photography: any day. sunrise and sunset time is more preferable.
For camping: winter, spring
You can stay in the base village i.e Udhewadi. The villagers charge 50 rupees per day per room for staying. And you can take tents in rent from them also. Charges are 500-700 per day. you can camp on the top. Absolutely no problem.

Best thing to do there: camping, taking time lapse video of sunrise and sunset.
Try to reach at the time of sunrise or sunset. you will get amazing views of all the ranges from the top and the saturated yellow color of sun rays adding more flavor to the photographs. And to reach before sunrise, you have to start in the dark.
In your way towards the top, you can get the view of Glittering Lonavala city from there.

As you head towards Rajmachi, you will find a couple of points where you can get amazing views of Khandala ranges and Rajmachi from distance.

Approximately half an hour from this spot, you will reach the base of Rajmachi. you will find a couple of food joints there.

Way to Udhewadi village
The locals are very much helpful to in case you need anything. From there the straight road will lead you to Udhewadi Village and the right will leads you to the top of Fort.

Way to the top
After ten minutes of walk you will find a temple where you can do camping and cooking.

After fifteen minutes of walk you will find a couple of ponds on your way.

This is the base of the fort walls. you can see the gigantic walls of the fort from here.

There are two caves in which you can stay at night. these are absolutely safe.
and after ten minutes of walk, you will reach a point in which you have not been in your entire life.

Stand there alone

and it goes on
wait. this is not top. lets find

Now you are on top of Killa Rajmachi.

And the view from there

So that’s all from Rajmachi fort trek with my new travel buddy and biker Aditya Sinde .
And let the Gopro takes you to the top

Will come again with another trek.another awesomeness.