A day at the Arabian coast: Life of a Fisherman

We often get disturbed by seeing headlines like “600 fishermen missing or stranded in the Arabian sea” or ” Two fishermen missing, fourteen rescued after fishing boat sinks 60 miles of Mumbai coast“.
What are you thinking ?? whose fault are these?
The administration for not giving proper information of weather or The coast guards for not providing enough security to the coasts or the stupid fishermen who risk their lives and ended up with such mishaps.
It is survival.

When you see your children starve, you get that courage to put your life in stake for their meals.
Let me take you through this picture tale of the life of some fishermen of Village Thal, a coastal village of Arabian sea.
Thal village is 7 km away from district headquarter Alibag of Raigad district, Maharastra. the main occupation of the villagers is fishing. as there are no other sources of income. but many younger generation people are going for other occupation like working in Jetty/Boat as there is a rise in no of tourists visiting various beaches of Alibag.
But fishing is still the lifeline for the people of Thal.
A day in Thal starts as early as 4 AM in the morning with about majority of the villgers going into the sea for fishing.

Because the early they leave their home, chances of returning before dark are higher. and the women support them by selling the fishes in local markets.

A woman carrying the baskets full of fishes

But their job is no easy either. they have to sort out fish first and wash them. after that letting the fishes dry under the sun. they have to wash the places every day to make sure the fishes don’t get affected.

                                                          Women cleaning the place to dry the fishes

Everything seems so fair until the day when the fishermen unable to catch more fishes nearby. they don’t have other option than sailing for deep sea in search of fishes. for this, they have to be away for a couple of days minimum and from there only starts the problems. as they are away there is no way to get real-time updates on the weather. and if they lost their way back to the coast, it takes around a couple extra days to be back safely.

The more they are inside the sea, higher is the risk of getting lost. after all its a no man’s land.

For the backpackers, you can’t get better accommodation and food than staying in their homes. but make sure you are friendly with them. even they will take you along with them for fishing.

But that place is stinky. go for those home accommodations if you don’t have allergic for bad smells.

A Busy coastal life

if you want to get a taste of real village life, then walk through the lanes of Thal. you will find so many innocent faces, smiling right back at you

Some more from the life of coast:

                  A man is waiting for the fish lot to come so that he could take them back for sale
           No matter its flood or drought, business has to continue.

Well Alibag is not all about fishermen. there is something more for the backpackers. explore it in my next blog.