How to make your own custom made light painting tubes: Welcome to the light painting world

Who doesn’t know Eric pare and !! When it comes to light painting, the very first people comes into our mind are these two insanely creative people.
You must have thinking of costly fluorescent tubes which rarely available in India but let me show you how to make your custom made light painting tubes under 500 RS.

I started with travel photography, felled in love with portraits and in between both, it was all about experiment with light and shadow. I experimented light painting with power bank led light first, moving on to led strips tied around an umbrella and finally my own custom made light tube.

Light painting using a power bank light
How to make a light tube:
Basic requirement:
1) transparent plastic paper: we all have used those papers for our book cover or project files.

You can roll that in shape of a hollow tube and fix the torch at one end.
2) a high luminous torch: U can get one in Amazon. (500-1000) preferable
1000 luminous torch
This is the best option as you will get a bright intensity of light. So with with a minimum Shutterspeed of 2 SEC you can do a light paint.
Light tube using plastic paper

In case you don’t get a torch:
1) led strips (available in Amazon, 300 rs)
2) any stick ( I am a lazy person so I used my umbrella instead of going out in search of a stick)

LED strips
This is the second alternative, in this condition you have to perform in more slower Shutterspeed i.e 8-10 sec. As intensity is less.
LED strips tied around an umbrella

Last option:if you got nothing
1) light saber (avl in Amazon, 500 rs)

A light saber
This is the third alternative, the light intensity is comparatively less so you have to perform for at least 4-8 sec.
Light painting using a light saber (toy light sword)

Camera settings:
Manual mode/Shutterspeed mode
TRIPOD necessary
We are Indians and we all have jugaad for everything. If you don’t have a tripod, you can do it by fixing your camera by help of books.
ISO: Keep it as low as possible if you are trying for 4-5 sec. 100-400
SHUTTERSPEED: 2-10 SEC depending upon what are you painting. If you are using any model as your subject then don’t go beyond 4 sec. Subject might be blurred.
If you are painting anything abstract, then you can go for 20-30 sec, keeping ISO 100.
APERTURE: as wide as possible. (1.8-6)


ISO 100, 6SEC, F4.5
Shot using LED strips tied around an umbrella
Shot by rotating led lights

So happy light painting guys and do ask your queries in comment section or drop me a mail at